The Cherry Bomb Zombie can be annoying, and sometimes easy to kill. He takes 17 hits. This zombie blows up right away like a Cherry Bomb as soon as it has been on the lawn for 15 seconds. All plants in a 3x3 area are destroyed by the explosion instantly. His first cherry, if destroyed, will give him slightly less attack power, but he can still kill all plants except Tall-nut, who must take 2 cherries before dying.

Overview Edit

Cherry Bomb Zombie is a nuisiance in terms of defense, but not to be underestimated in terms of attack power. His appearance changes at 7 hits, loses his first cherry at 14 hits and dies at 17 hits.

Strategies Edit

If Cherry Bomb Zombie appears in the seed selection screen, do not bother bringing out Snow Pea as he will still explode after 15 seconds. Instead, fast shooting plants such as the Repeater or Cattail or heavy damage plants like Cob Cannon or Melon Pult should do the trick. If combined with tough ZomBotanies like Buckethead Gatling Pea Zombie or Screen Door Peashooter Zombie, you will find him really annoying if you didn’t bring along instant-uses or Cob Cannon.

Cherry Bomb Zombie
Zombie cherry bomb




17 normal damage shots


explodes after some time onscreen

Plant Food:

no plant food