EoN Zombie
Explode o Nut Zombie




72 NDS


Explodes when killed by the plants

Explode o Nut Zombie is a ZomBotany zombie in the mini game ZomBotany Bowling. he is a stronger version of a Wall-nut Zombie. When he dies, he explodes and killing plants in a range of 3x3 squares. He has an Uncommon chance to appear in Survival: Zombotany (Endless). He absorbs 72 NDS, downgrading upon 24, 48 and 67 before being defeated at 72 NDS. If you want to defeat him, use a Chomper to make him unable to explode, Squash are not recommended, as they trigger the explosion when smashing this zombie. If you use an Ice Shroom, it'll freeze him and make him unable to explode when he dies. He won’t explode when chilled, either but when that affect wears off then it’s bye bye to your plants.