The Garlic Zombie is a ZomBotany Zombie with a head of a Garlic. It makes every plant it meets move to another lane. It takes 21 hits. It loses 1 HP for every plant rearranged. It will not move Spikeweeds and Spikerocks, or Potato Mines that haven’t been armed.

Garlic Zombie
Garlic zombie




21 normal damage shots


Moves every plant it meets to another lane

Plant Food:

Breaths a stinky gas that moves plants to other lanes


Absorbs 21 normal damage shots. Appearance changes at 7 and 14 normal damage shots before dying at 21 normal damage shots. It loses its arm when it loses its head and dies.

Strategy Edit

Kill him using an instant kill if your defenses have expanded very far. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to use your current defense, because it does have enough firepower to kill a Conehead, dosen’t it? And I presume it does because you’ll be facing Wall-nut zombies and Tall-nut zombies.