Giga ParBotany is a minigame that is unlocked by beating Upgraded ZomBotany, or buying the ZomBotany Game Pack 3 on Mobile. It features new ZomBotany Zombies, they're Giga ZomBotany versions. To play the minigame, you need to select a lot of instant kills, instant use plants, or using the Imitater. It has 4 flags, if you want to use a strategy, use it with many Instant Kills.

Zombies Edit

Common: Edit

  1. Giga Gatling Pea Zombie
  2. Giga Twin Sunflower Zombie
  3. Giga Gloom Shroom Zombie

Uncommon: Edit

Rare: Edit

Giga Gold Magnet Zombie

Every flag: Edit

Giga Winter Melon Zombie

Once: Edit

Giga Cob Cannon Zombie

Trophy Edit

The trophy is Giga ZomBotany Trophy.