Marigold Zombie
Marigold Zombie




15 NDS


Drops Coins that disappear after 5 seconds

The Marigold zombie is a normal zombie with a Marigold for a head. It produces coins that disappear after five seconds, and it often appears with the Gold Magnet Zombie. It will eat plants like a regular zombie would.

It absorbs 15 normal damage shots.

Purpose Edit

Marigold Zombie’s purpose is to distract the player into collecting the coins it produces, and make him/her forget to click on the sun, thus letting harder zombies bat into your defenses. This is why in some levels Marigold Zombies will be spammed in mass amounts, so it’s best to let your Gold Magnets to do the job. Be warned: If you want to make money from these zombies, have lots of Gold Magnets at the ready. One Gold Magnet will only have enough capacity to collect 5 coins per 10 seconds.