Pea Nut Zombie
Pea Nut Zombie




50 NDS


Has 2 heads to shoot peas and loses his first head when his HP is halved.

Pea Nut Zombie is a Peashooting Zombie, he's similar to the Pea Nut, but he is stronger than his original version. When he shoots his 2 peas, they can attack Potato Mine (When armed), Sun Shroom (When fully grown), Kiwibeast (When medium or large size), and etc. If you want to destroy him, you need to use Tall Nuts, as they have more HP, when you use a Coconut Cannon, he can finish him with 3 coconut balls. He changes his appearance in 25 NDS, 33 NDS, 40 NDS, and 45 NDS before dying at 50 NDS. When he has took 33 NDS, his firing speed will be halved, as since his heads take turns to shoot, but one of them has been destroyed.