Pea Pod Zombie
Pea Pod Zombie


Low - Hardened




Grows a new head every 20 seconds

Pea Pod Zombie is a Peashooting Zombie. He has the same health as the Peashooter Zombie, but however, every 20 seconds, he grows a new head and his HP is increased by another Peashooter Zombie’s health. It is advised to use an instant kill like Cherry Bomb or Jalapeño, or you can slow him down by using Winter Melons, Sap Flings, Snow Peas and Stallia. Another good idea is to use Stunion, Iceberg Lettuce or Chili Bean (both for the instant kill and stunning affect). When he gets the max HP (five heads) it's the worst case as he will deal 5 Peas of damage every 10 seconds to your plants.