Pumpkin Zombie is a zombie with a Pumpkin on its head. It takes and puts the first plant it meets (except , Sea-shroom, Tangle Help, Grave Buster and Cob Cannon on its head). It takes 65 normal damage shots. When the plant inside is killed, the zombie will die. If it takes a Wall-nut or a Tall-nut, it will increase its health to 120 or 175 respectively. If it takes a Pumpkin, it will regain to full health.

Pumpkin Zombie
Pumpkin Zombie




65 normal damage shots (55 for Pumpkin, 10 for zombie)


Fast, then normal after taking a plant


Has a high health and takes the first plant it meets


Fume-shroom, Gloom-shroom, lobbed shots, Spikeweed and Spikerock


Absorbs 65 normal damage shots. Appearance changes at 18, 37, 55 when pumpkin is destroyed, and 60 before dying at 65 normal damage shots.

Using fumes and lobbed shots, it dies in 10 normal damage shots. Appearance changes at 5 normal damage shots before dying.


Note: This zombie is not in the real game. This is just an idea.

Use same strategy against Screen Door Zombie except using Magnet-shroom. It has a high health but using Fume-shrooms, Gloom-shrooms, and lobbed-shot plants kill it in 10 hits just like normal zombie. Not to let it take a Wall-nut or Tall-nut or it will increase health. It eats Flower Pots and Lily Pads instead of taking them.