The Squash Zombie takes 10 hits, and its head leaps off if a plant is within one square in front or at the back of the zombie, squashing it. When its head leaps off, it dies. It is also faster than the other Zombotany Zombies (About as fast as a Pole Vaulting Zombie with his pole).

It can and will squash armed Potato Mines. It is also the only real Zombotany Zombie without a Ducky Tube variant.

Purpose Edit

The Squash Zombie’s (presumed) purpose is to squash your Wall-nut/Tall-nut/Plant with Pumpkin so the Gatling Pea Zombie can get at your defenses. Luckily, you can waste his ability by planting a cheap plant such as Sunflower for him to squash. However, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Jalapeno Zombie.

Strategies Edit

The zombie can easily be wasted by a Sunflower or a Flower Pot (if you‘re that kind of guy). However, if you don’t have any excess sun, even 50 or 25, your strategy will probably be to pray you have an iOS game and wifi. The reason for that is that you can get an Explode-o-nut by watching an ad. If you don’t have that, either, you might as well use the mallets. If you didn’t buy any, you should pray you have a good defense that can finish of the zombie.

Squash Zombie
Squash Zombie1




10 NDS


Smashes the first plant it sees

Plant Food:

Smashes 5 random plants and when finished smashing plants, dies and respawn from the location where it died.


"I'm ready!" yells Squash Zombie. "Let's do it! Put me in! There's nobody better! I'm your guy! C'mon! Whaddya waiting for? I need this!"