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  • I live in a tree house
  • My occupation is a zombie terminator/candy clearer.
  • I am a human, so don't ask.
  • Ron92003

    Hello, Guys?

    December 26, 2013 by Ron92003

    I noticed that in the past few days, it is only me who edits this wiki's articles. Where are the others?

    (P.S.: Without you guys, I can't be a Chat Moderator.)

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  • Ron92003

    Finally, A New Wiki!

    December 15, 2013 by Ron92003

    Hi ZomBotany PvZ Wiki! Finally, this is the second wiki I have contributed to! Yay! My first wiki I joined was Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, and I had many experiences there. I'm currently #67 there, and #10 here! Well, I wish I have so many experiences here also!

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