Vase level 4.


Vase Level 1.


Vase level 6.


Vase level 7.

Are you going to make an edit to the Bronze Badges pages? If you do, you will get your own badges! Also, it will boost 4 edit tracks! 5 ifadding a photo or category. Do it 4 more times to level up! You will be ranked vase level 2! Keep doing this to get to 8.

Lv. 1-1 edit

Lv. 2-5 edits

Lv. 3-10 edits

Lv. 4-25 edits

Lv. 5-50 edits

Lv. 6-100 edits

Lv. 7-250 edits

Lv. 8-500 edits

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