The Winter Melon Zombie is a ZomBotany Zombie with a Winter Melon for a head. It fires Frozen Watermelons at Plants that do as much damage as a regular Watermelon but slows all Plants in a 3x3 area as well. It absorbs 10 normal damage shots just like a normal zombie. Umbrella Leaves will bounce back the Frozen Watermelons but will be slowed down in the process.

Strategies Edit

Winter Melon Zombie is a serious threat to your defenses. Use high damage plants like Gatling Pea and Winter Melon (yup) to fight against him. Note that Torchwood Peas will do high damage to Winter Melon Zombie, but his fire will be put out for 30 seconds if he’s infected by the cold of the Melon

Winter Melon Zombie
Winter Melon Zombie




10 normal damage shots


Throws frozen melons that slow down and do heavy damage to plants in a 3x3 area